2 x 2 x 2

I have this idea.

As tomorrow will be May 1st, I want to start a 30 (31) day challenge called 2x2x2.

The rules are simple really.

2 days out of the week Praise God. This can be in any form other than prayer (which should be done everyday *insert side eye*). I plan on going to bible study and church. Pretty simple.

2 days out of the week Workout. I have a personal trainer so I kinda can’t skip out on this. I plan on working out two additional days (Cardio mostly, which is gross) to give myself a challenge.

2 days Give back. This can also be in any form. Donations of any form, volunteering, going out of your way to help someone.

This may currently be a thing here on the internets, and if it is I’m sorry don’t sue me.


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