Ups and Downs

I wonder does anyone ever know what they’re doing… ever?

I spend so much time thinking and planning and scheming about what I should do now and what I should do later or if I should do what I was going to do later, now or how much money that would be and how much money I would have then. It is extremely exhausting. I have bought numerous calendars and planners to try to keep a lid on things and honestly its like trying to catch water with an open hand. WTF.

Point is planning is kinda pointless. God is going to do what ever he wants, because he kinda knows what he is doing. By kinda I mean really knows what the heck he is doing. But for some reason I always feel the need to micromanage God. Who does that?? Like I’m some pointdexter that has an IQ of a billion….pssth. Meanwhile, I’m still figuring out how to keep money in my account, fold a fitted sheet, and not be a bitch my entire life, but no God I know what im doing…..pssth 2x.

BTW I’m trying to not to eat out for the month. Kinda for money, kinda for my health. I havent really decided.


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