You know what…

Not to start off on such a negative tone, but I hate the way I get wrapped up in social media. I find that I use it as a weird scapegoat from life. Whether it’s the different apps, or just getting sucked into a worm hole of “celebrity”/celebrity news. I get bound into other people’s lives and stories that have nothing to do with reality. This has to be the worst thing to get addicted to. All I ever dream/think/wonder about is if I was in their shoes how much better off I would be………I sound like such a sad sap millennial. I had many phases of what I thought this blog would be. I thought it would be an inspiration to all the weirdos out there who don’t quuiiitteee fit in. And my blog would have a gazellion followers and it would be great. Which obviously meant I had no direction or purpose for this other than to be internet famous, which sounds sooo fuckin’ awful outloud. I have to give up this “social media lifestyle” I dragged myself in. I am tired to trying to fit and be “cool”. I thought I would have given up on this by now. Its exhausting and elementary.

Any who now that the negative rant is over , I can now explain what I am going to do with this awesome domain name. *cues drumroll and reveling-ish music* I going to us it as a…..diary. Surprise, like no one saw that coming.


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