Im trying to think if I should write like I’m talking to someone directly or…… nah I like the first option, sorry I’m not going to let you know the second one. But I’m MOST likely the only one to ever read these so truly it doesn’t matter. So I’m trying to start this little side project called getting my entire fucking life together, but you know it’s hard.  I have no idea on how to begin, it’s crazy. How do people do this daily? Oh thats right only 0.18908yy8y7474 all of all human-kind know what the fuck they are doing. Yes I understand decimals do not have letters in them, but then again in algebra they did sooooo. Any who, how do people do this like for real? I have a long list of things I want accomplish.

  1. Get a job I love
  2. Find a guy who actually likes me
  3. And then wants to take me on proper dates
  4. Become financially stable
  5. Become religiously stable
  6. Become freakin’ stable period
  7. Get a new car
  8. Grow confidence in myself

And that is just my 3 month plan.


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